Prabhat Kumar Sharma >>Recommended Books/Links

Text Books
1. T.M.Cover and J.A Thomas, “Elements of information theory”, John Wiley and Sons.
2. S .Haykins, “ Communication Systems” John Wiley and Sons.
3. R Bose, “Information Theory, Coding and Cryptography”, 2E, Tata-McGraw Hill, New Delhi.

Reference Books
1. G. A. Jones et. Al, “Information and Coding Theory”, Springer – Verlag.
2. J. H. Van Lint, “ Introduction to Coding Theory”, Springer –Verlag.

Links to the Supplymentary material

NPTEL:  Click Here for NPTEL Lectures
MIT OCW: Click here for Video lectures
Shannon’s Basic Paper A Mathematical Theory of Communications is available here
Applied Digital Info Theory (Part 1) by Prof Massey is available here.
Thomas and Cover “Elements of Information Theory” PDF is available here.